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Q: Do I use the app while driving?

A: Please follow all laws while operating your vehicle. If you are the only person in the vehicle, please count the animals in your head, open the app when at a safe stopping point, and press the “counting a death to save a life” button for the number of animals you counted. The location is stored as a guideline to get us as close as possible to the concern and for us to spread resources appropriately.

Q: I received a server error?

A: Sometimes when loading the app after time away, the first click may give you this error. Please try again when the error message has left the screen. Please contact us if this problem persists.

Q:  Do I have to count every dead animal I find?

A: You are in control of your own experience with our app. The app’s purpose is to make every wild animal’s life count toward the benefit of injured wildlife across our nation. To this goal, we recommend that our users count every animal they see, even if that animal has been dead for an extended period of time.

Q: I drive passed the same animal each and every day. Do I continue counting it?

A: No. Please take a mental note of the animals you have counted. If it has been counted before, it is not necessary for you to count it again.

Q:  What happens when multiple people count the same animal?

A: For the program to be maximized, it is important that animals are counted more than once (by different users). This allows the death of that animal to count for more toward the benefit of our injured native wildlife.

Q: When do you send proceeds from the program to local organizations?

A: We will send proceeds from the program out quarterly.

Q: What if I'm a wildlife rehabber?

​A: If you are a permitted wildlife rehabber, 100% of your counts will go directly toward your operation. We want everyone to participate and adopt this program! We donate proceeds to organizations based on the location of our users. This means that organizations (or rehabbers) do not have to personally participate in the program. However, participation in the program at the personal level guarantees that the program will target your operation when counts are made near you.

Q: What if I'm outside of the United States?

​A: We will spread these resources where the animal is counted. Count anywhere and know that your contribution will go towards the betterment of wildlife in your area.

I'm a rehabber, what's next?

If you are a rehabber or wildlife hospital that would like to benefit from WREN's Your Wildlife Counts Program, please follow these instructions:

1.Go to the contact form on this webpage

2. Tell us the name of your organization (individual is okay if that's the case), where you are located, and your permit information.

3. Send us the form. We will respond within three business days


What if Each Animal was Counted Just Once?

In our demo of this program, we have counted (roughly) one dead animal for every three miles driven. This means, if you take a snapshot of the 3.9 million miles of American roads, you will see around 1,300,000 dead animals scattered across our beautiful country. This is a snapshot on any given day. This is a gruesome statistic that represents a real concern. We’ve heard estimates ranging from 150-300 million animals killed on American roadways each year. It’s chilling to think about how many lives have been lost, and even more chilling to know that millions more will be lost each and every week. Now, you can do something about this! If each of these animals is counted just one time through our program, we could build hundreds of wildlife hospitals across the country. We could treat thousands more animals each and every day. Thousands of animals that would otherwise not have the chance at rehabilitation. All it takes is simple participation. All it takes is each of us counting and pledging a tiny amount toward a life lost. Join us and change the way the country interacts with our wildlife!

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Simply put, I am someone who loves to help wildlife. I am the co-founder of WREN, the creator of the Your Wildlife Counts program. I drive thousands of miles each month advocating and trying my very best to help our injured wildlife. I personally participate in this program as an individual knowing that, while each animal cannot be saved, at least I can help them count toward the betterment of others. I take such pride knowing that each pledge reflects a life that has been lost. Each pledge reflects an animal that has been taken, but can still help others with its death. Please join us in this revolutionary approach in helping our native wildlife!

Best regards,

Robert Jones





Robert Jones, CEO WREN

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